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Photo by Celia Mitchell (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Entry), Indonesia Semester.

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WTBD Yaks from Indonesia

Indonesia: Community, Culture, & Conservation


Welcome to the Jungle

Mara Kauffman-Puchall, Participant

Yak of the Week

I’ve put together some pieces from my journal about our time in and around the Katambe Jungle on Sumatra, and our first experiences with Indonesia. This yak is like 3 weeks late, sorry. I’m here, and it’s stunning. We took an 8......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Nepal

Nepal: Himalayan Studies - Group B


In the Chaos

Austin Schmidt, Participant

Yak of the Week

In the chaos of Patan sits a building red brick and wood windows climb four stories off the street hundreds pass by without a second look honking cars and motorbikes, women clad in saris and kurtas carrying food home. It is not a building of......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Senegal

Princeton Bridge Year Senegal 2017-18


On My Renaming

Fama Sarr, Participant

Yak of the Week

My name is Fama Sarr. We were all given Senegalese names by our homestay families, and that is mine. I became Fama after unpacking the gigantic fifty-pound backpack that was my only constant sense of home during our four weeks of travel. I became......Read More


My Home Away From Home

Molly, Participant

Yak of the Week

I love watching Amei cook. Yesterday’s rice and vegetables from the garden disappear into her pot and magically emerge as sumptuous curries, sauces, and soups. I crouch next to her on the floor, sometimes chopping beet root or tearing greens,......Read More

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