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Rice paddy terraces

大家好,我是康晔! 很高兴认识你们。 HI, I am Abby, nice to meet you~

Hi, everyone. Nice to meet you. I’m 康晔Kang Ye, you can call me Abby. I am originally from Xi’an, an historical city in China. As a new language teacher for this program, I am still studying the last year of my master’s degree at Sichuan University, my major is teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages, and I plan on graduating next year. I have worked at the Southwest University of Economics and in a company in Chengdu called Brilliance. All the while I’ve been studying hard to improve my own knowledge and skills. Being a Chinese teacher allows me not only to acquire more knowledge and experience in teaching, but to develop many lasting and cherished relationships with my students. I hope we can establish good relationships too. It would be a truly satisfying feeling.

I have always had a talent for calligraphy and singing, but only for Chinese songs. Meanwhile, and because my grandma is a Chinese opera singer, I have always been fond of the traditional Chinese opera. I like to travel on foot and enjoy great landscapes during my trips. I am looking forward to sharing in your travels.

In a word, I am very happy to teach, explore, study and learn with you. I really hope you can enjoy your time in China with its traditional culture and beautiful landscapes. And, at the same time, improve your Mandarin. Happy to meet you soon!