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Hello from Central America!

Hola a todas y todos !

My name is Erick Torres from Guatemala and I’m more than happy to have the chance to be leading the Fall 2017 Semester Course here in Central America along with all of you! I’m an Environmental educator and Permaculture practitioner since 7 years ago, and a Dragons Instructor since 3 years ago.

I do this job with Dragons because it allows me to grow as a human being, as a professional and as a world citizen. Central America, its people and communities, have been my best classrooms- my favorite college- and I have had the best teachers I could asked for; the farmers, community leaders, women, youth, kids, forests, gardens, seed banks, animals, mountains and volcanoes have shaped me in ways I never thought possible when I started to travel in Guatemala 12 years ago. I want to share the Central America experience with you during the 3 months we will be traveling and exploring Nicaragua and Guatemala together.

Central America, specifically Nicaragua and Guatemala, have a lot to share with us as visitors, students and as individual human beings. We will get to know incredible places full of wild and natural life, such as forests, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, volcanoes and Maya Temples. We will be learning in different communities within the two countries from very special people who have a lot of experience in community organization, colitics, art, Mayan cosmovision, wilderness, nature conservation, social movements, languages, cooking, permaculture, etc. During our experience in Central America, our sense of the time may change a bit, our perspective of what is good or bad may change, our way of seeing the world could be challenged in a good way. Similarly, our relationship with nature, other people and ourselves could be transformed in a beautiful way through our interactions and connections with each other as a group of Dragons, but mostly through interactions with our homestay families, Spanish teachers, local guides and everyone we will cross paths with during these 3 months of our lives.

The invitation is to come with your eyes, mind and heart open and ready to unlearn a lot of things and develop some new perspectives on life in this small but diverse part of the world. We will also have a lot of fun, enjoy many sunsets, and eat a lot of fruit together as a traveling community and family called Dragones!

Greetings from Atitlan Lake where I’m writing this letter to all of you,

un abrazo y nos vemos muy pronto !


P.S. For any questions you have don’t hesitate to contact me through my email: [email protected]