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Photo by Celia Mitchell (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Entry), Indonesia Semester.

Hi. This is me!

Hello!! My name is Ariadne and I’m from Athens, Greece. I consider this journey we are embarking on to be the biggest and the bravest step out of my comfort zone so far. I feel excited at the prospect of discovering new grounds both physically beneath me, and metaphorically within me. At the same time, I feel humbled not only by the challenges I know I will face, but also –and mostly- by those that still remain unknown. It would be a lie to say I am not scared, yet at the same time I have no doubt this is something I want to do.

I don’t leave much around me unquestioned, and I like to see the world as a place full of metaphors we need to decipher to better understand our existence. I’m passionate about understanding different cultures, I love listening to peoples’ stories and (yet, quite ironically) I’m not particularly apt at learning foreign languages…

Through this trip I hope to broaden my worldview, make a positive impact in any way I can, and learn how to be a traveler –rather than a tourist.

Most recent life update: I cut my hair short because I want to travel with no weight on my shoulders. Thankfully, it will only get longer… Also, having left home a few days ago, I already miss my sister, Melina.

The picture: me, last year, on what is yet my favorite Greek island, Folegandros.