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Hey guys! I’m feeling uncharacteristically outgoing today, so I’ll break the ice for student posts. I’m Callie (she/her/hers) – I’m 18, I live outside Philadelphia, and at the end of this gap year I’m heading to Pitt!

I love language and linguistics, philosophy, games (board and otherwise), reading and, obviously, traveling. I’m also a music enthusiast: funk, rock, some pop, jazz and almost anything else except death metal and most of the top 40 from at least the last five years. If you’re interested, I know an embarrassing amount of Beatles fun facts. I really hate my phone and one reason I’m excited for this trip is that I get to be without it and nobody expects me to use it. Additionally, I’m incredibly excited about learning Hindi. I am also a theater kid (as in not very athletic and knows show-tunes), Harry Potter fanatic (books not movies), amateur photographer and occasional maker of great puns and cinema references.

I can’t wait to get to know you all!