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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons

Instructor Introduction

Namastey fellow travellers!

My name is Aditya, and I am very excited to welcome you to the Himalayas. I hope you too are excited of the adventure that awaits you.  This is a challenging venture you have decided to undertake. As it takes a lot of courage to come out of one’s comfort zone. For this I hold so much respect for each one of you for making this decision. I want to let you know that this will be one of the best decisions you’ve made.

I am writing to you from Kalimpong, a wonderful hamlet tucked between a ridge, located at an altitude of 1200 mtrs in Darjeeling District, India. Though I have been conducting treks and outdoor activities for some years now, this will be my second course with Dragons in Nepal. I am honored to have this opportunity to delve deeper into a unique aspect of Himalayan life and diverse cultures along side Charis, Ben, Tsheten and each one of you.

I was born and raised in Sikkim, a land of great diversity. Over the last 7 years I have been traveling extensively to most of the Eastern Himalayan highlands. Over time learning more about the people who live here. These travels have made me very fortunate. In terms of making great friends and connections. I have had many wonderful experiences as well that I wish to share with you all during our time in Nepal. Through these experiences I have been able to give back to the community, connect with the land, the people and share a deep affection for the Himalayas.

As you prepare for this journey I hope that you keep an open mind, remain excited, motivated and receptive to anything that comes your way. I am so looking forward to connecting with you all to begin our journey of curiosity and self discovery together.

Dhanyabad!! (Thank you)