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Intangible Dragon Elixir

I’m so appreciative of my fellow Dragons on this trip! As years pass, I’m generally more aware of the fascinating & unique fruit of which each human being seems to consist once they are peeled to whats deeper and beneath. It’s sort of like the way we are taught to eat fruit here, for health precaution reasons. Don’t enjoy the peel; always partake of the inside.

Our little “weyr” (pride) of 8 Dragons on this trip (including guides) has become family so quickly. A budding psychologist, a developmental needs educator, a businesswoman come mindfulness consultant, a healthcare policy expert, a classroom equity consultant, a social entrepreneur, a ‘learning service’ expert, and a renowned guide / photographer. Beyond the labels, we’ve shared our life stories and many discussions about Nepal, development, culture, and our experiences.

In the process of becoming a mini-family, every one brings that intangible Dragons elixir of exploration, of seeking human connection, of trying new things over the horizon from familiarity, and of sharing our passion for understanding the human condition and potential. We all seem to be learners in the truest sense with a wide range of age, gender, background, and perspective that deepen our probing dialogs. Thankfully, our group sharing and explorations have multiplied this immersive experience. We together are part of the magic.

One showed how to sense and deepen human bonds wordlessly. One had surprising resilience in unexpected predicaments. One literally danced her way to understanding (her host sister for example). One expressed grace and awe that was infectious to Nepalis we met. One gamely tried everything and left with a smile. One so effortlessly connected the disconnected and then stepped back to let the magic of new relationships happen. Another guided our weyr to understand context so that invisible (often incorrect) assumptions became aha’s!

Unexpectedly, one of the great treasures of this Nepal Artisans & Ashrams trip rapidly became this Dragon elixir of shared/reflected experience from these wonderful fellow Dragons as a mini family together. I’m deeply grateful that each of them is on this journey. 🙏