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Intro…See you soon!

Namaste! I’m looking forward to meeting all of you soon!

My name is Caroline Bauhaus. Along with my husband, Mark, I’m excited to join the Ashrams and Artisans adventure. Earlier this summer, Mark & I celebrated our 35th anniversary. Perhaps discovering a Nepalese restaurant for our anniversary dinner was the first sign that we were meant to go to Nepal with all of you!

Dragons represents an interesting circle within our lives. As Mark has already shared, both our daughters traveled with Where There Be Dragons. As our younger daughter enters her culminating year as an undergrad, it only seems right that we travel the Dragons path, too. I’m excited about the theme of our trip since I’ve always enjoyed handcrafted things. Currently, my art of choice is knitting, and I’ve enjoyed macrame, beaded jewelry and stained glass creations in previous ages and stages. I’m really looking forward to meeting local artisans and having the opportunity to learn from them.

Aside from my primary role as “mom” and raising 2 amazing young women, I’ve also worked as an educator for a few decades—including classroom teaching (pre-k, elementary, middle school and adult ed), coordinating a trip to Yosemite students at a charter school, and facilitating an online international negotiations project for high school students. Currently I coach teachers on teaching practices that promote equitable access to high level content in middle schools. I’m also involved with several local non-profits in the San Francisco Bay Area. Current highlights are working with literacy programs and a small philanthropic Giving Circle of like-minded women focused on learning and strengthening community.

Mark’s post also mentioned that we were previously in Nepal 30+ years ago as part of a post-college global trek. The physical beauty and the warmth of the people of Nepal are indelible in my mind. My main expectation of our forthcoming journey is that I will be surprised equally by what has changed and what has stayed the same. I’m sure I will also be surprised by my 50-something experience, contrasted with my 20-something memories.

This moment in time seems like a good time to be immersed in the culture of Nepal and surrounded by Nepali smiles! Until we meet on Tuesday…