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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Intro to Your Instructor, Nick

Sabailaaii namaste!

My name is Nick, and I couldn’t be more excited to introduce myself and begin this incredible journey that we will be embarking on together. I came from Maine, but I have been living in Asia for several years now and, like many other travelers before me, I have been deeply touched and transformed by the myriad people and places of Nepal, my home-away-from-home.

My travels began right here with Where There Be Dragons, when I joined a Himalayan Studies semester course in Nepal. This experience altered my life for the better, setting me off on a path of wonder and exploration of the outer world and within myself. Since then, I have completed graduate studies of Buddhism and Hinduism, become a Wilderness EMT, and created a place for myself in the field of experiential education. During my returns to Nepal, I have lived and worked in Kathmandu and the foothills of Mount Makalu in the Eastern Region, both in development and education. I have also worked in several other nearby countries, including Nepal’s two neighbors, China and India. I was last in Nepal a few weeks ago leading a summer Dragons course, and I am very happy to return so soon, in just a few weeks!

Nepal is a remarkably complex country for its size – its diverse culture, history, geography, and cuisine are all unbelievably colorful and full of masalaa (spice)! It is difficult, surreal, heavenly, overwhelming, and everything in between all at once, and we will have so much to discuss and digest together! If any of you are looking for additional reading while preparing for our departure, I highly recommend: House of Snow: An Anthology of the Greatest Writing About Nepal, a recent collection of classic literature from and about Nepal.

Considering my interest in Himalayan religions, passion for experiential education, and general love for all-things-Nepal, this opportunity to travel with you is truly a gift. The Dragons experience shaped the person that I have become in many ways, and I am honored to share that experience with all of you this fall.

Looking forward to reading your introductions in the coming days and to meeting you soon,

-Nick G.