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Hello. My name is Adam and I am beyond amped to go to Madagascar this fall. I live in the small state of Vermont, just north of the capital city Montpelier. I’ve lived here my entire life and loved every second of it.

Some things you should know: I’m very involved in theater and have been since I was 6. I’ve done lots of different shows and I just recently finished a production of Hamlet. I’m also super into anything tree and plant related. I spent last year doing an independent course where I studied individual tree species and visited specific sites around the state to study their growth habitats. I hope to study environmental science and continue to do field biology work in college.  As for music, I play piano and some guitar and am always down for an impromptu jam session. I’m also into ping pong and ultimate and I would bring a frisbee on the trip but I’m pretty sure that’s not following the protocol for “light packing”.

I just graduated high school and spent this past summer working at a nature camp and performing Hamlet. After taking a gap semester, I’ll be going to Middlebury College in February.

Honestly, I don’t know what else there is to tell. I’m super pumped to meet y’all and to have a wild adventure this fall.