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Photo by Ryan Kost, Andes & Amazon Semester.


Hi! My name is Sarah Brown. I grew up in Ipswich MA from the age of one to fourteen. Nature has always been a part of my life and I feel lucky to have grown up in a place with beautiful woods and beaches. In free time during the summers I often went with friends to the Ipswich river to canoe and rope-swing. My family loves card games. We will sit around for hours in an intense game of presidents, the game or four, or kemps.

I also love music. I spent this summer as the music instructor for a sleep away camp playing guitar, singing, and helping with the musical. I have been in an acapella group for three years and love having music in my day to day life. I hope I can find a guitar to play in Bolivia!

I spent the last four years at a boarding school in Exeter, NH. In my freshman fall I found that I loved running and so I ran cross country and track almost every season since. My team often paired with the outing club to go backpacking and hiking. I was also involved with the student service community at my school and helped to oversee clubs. The two I was most involved with were called Gal Pals and ESSO American Sign Language. Gal Pals is a club composed of people who are developmentally disabled and students from my school, all who identify as gals. In this club we built a community where people could be relaxed and confident while doing art, making food, and creating other projects. ESSO American Sign Language is a club where students get together to learn American Sign Language and then go to the local children’s center to teach the kids simple songs.

I am very concerned with the state of the earth. Last summer I worked on productive dialog and action in regards to the environment. I took environmental science classes during my senior year and it only increased my sense of the peril we are in. Here at camp I was incredibly frustrated with how the kids were using resources without thinking and what the campers thought the world owes them. I decided to start a green team with the nature program staff which focused on education and consciousness. During my senior spring I was taking a class on the art of protest and my friend and I decided to try to increase awareness on campus. We organized a walk out of assembly. We used sticks (which had already fallen) to represent the estimation of the amount of lives lost due to climate change in the last year. We then had all the students arrange these sticks in the shape of the earth on the quad in front of the administrative building and gave a petition signed by about 600 people to the principal. The petition listed our ideas the school could take to become a leader against climate change. I am hoping to get involved with the community in Bolivia and at Princeton that is  focused on environmental issues.

Above is one dish I am excited to try. It is called buñuelos and usually served at Christmas. It can be savory or sweet.

To prepare to move to Bolivia I have been trying to learn some beginner Spanish. The arts and crafts instructor at my camp is from Mexico and she has been helping me to learn beginner vocabulary. Also, while researching about Bolivia I found this current article and am wondering what all of your thoughts are about it.