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Namaste from Nepal! My name is Maggie and I arrived in Kathmandu yesterday after a long 30 hours of travel from Denver, Colorado. The descent into this beautiful country was breathtaking as I was able to see the mountains through the misty clouds and then see the city of vibrant colors. I was thankful I was actually awake! I am very excited to meet everyone and start our journey exploring Nepal, a new place!

I am originally from Connecticut but started to plant roots in the West as soon as I could (sorry Mom).  After graduating from Colorado College, I moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for 2 years. As of a week ago, I transitioned to Denver, CO to start a new chapter. I am currently working in Special Education and I am excited to take advantage of my time off in between jobs and places.

Why Nepal? Why Dragons? I have heard quite a bit about Where There Be Dragons through my brother, Reed Harwood, who has been in the Dragons family for about half my life, my brother John, who did the Andes and Amazon semester, and countless friends, who I’ve only heard stories through. I can’t tell you exactly why it has taken me this long to join the family (literal family and dragons family!).

Nepal so far has been breathtaking, vibrant, and I am constantly learning. I have never been to Asia, despite always having the interest. I am excited to travel and learn with a group and from our leaders who are true locals!