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Hey everyone my name is Sam Frankovsky.

I am from Boulder, Colorado and I am 19. I went to University of Denver last year but instead of returning this year I’m going on this trip with you guys which is very neat.

I play so much fifa that they let me download a copy of FIFA 18 four months in advance in order to try it out so that is the one tidbit of information that I deemed to be most pertinent in introducing myself to you all.

In high school I played soccer and lacrosse and rugby and, after doing a meager amount of research, I learned that rugby is a popular sport where we are going and it turns out that our group has the exact right number to form an imposing rugby squad so if everyone is down I’ll man the fly half position and I don’t know anyone else but I think Micah has the makings to become an incredible fullback.

My two favorite music groups are Grateful Dead and a Tribe Called Quest and I got to see both this summer at concert which was just great.

I work as a busboy and as a chef for Proto’s Pizza–it was Auguste Gusteau from Ratatouille who said; “Anyone can cook.”

I am a huge NBA fan and I’ve been enamored with the Denver Nuggets ever since I thought it was dope that they’d name a basketball team after a McDonald’s staple. This summer I bought a McDonald’s All-American Carmelo Anthony jersey from Singapore but it is woefully too small so I am planning on hopefully re-gifting it during one of my home stays. Or if anyone else gets to know a youngish Melo fan lmk! I’m not such a big Denver Broncos fan because I feel as though they’ve enjoyed their fair share of successes and it’s time for someone else to enjoy the limelight.

When I told my grandma I was going to Madagascar she believed that I was to star in a live-action Madagascar 3 movie so if there is any way to make this a reality I would like to see it happen.

All jesting aside I am incredibly eager to travel with you guys and I look forward to meeting you all and from what I can tell we have lucked out with some truly extraordinary leaders so all in all this has the makings of a life-altering experience. I hope everyone is having a gratifying end to their summer.