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Introduction Lisa

Hi all,

My name is Lisa Nieuwenhuys, and I am 18 years old. I was born in Amsterdam and raised near the capital of my country. I live together with my parents, my brother (16 years old), my little sister (12 years old) and my dog Pipa (5 years old).

I just finished high school and want to study medicine next year. This year will be a gap year for me, and I want to do something very special before entering university. Hopefully Madagascar will be the special place and experience that I hope it to be.

First a little bit more about myself. I love sports. I play field hockey for eight years now and also participated in solo sailing. In my country (with lots of water J) sailing is a big sport. I had to stop sailing in my last years of high school because the competition was too intense.

With my family I traveled a lot throughout Europe and also to the US and Asia the last couple of years. I found that traveling brings me a lot of new insights. Those travels brought me a lot of fun and finding out about other cultures also brought me a lot of inspiration. I got inspired to know more and more about other cultures and countries. I have never been to Africa before.

But…. Madagascar, here we come! I am looking forward to traveling with you all. To share our experiences and learn about this new country and continent. I am looking forward to meeting you all and get moving J.

See you soon!

Best Regards,

Lisa Nieuwenhuys