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Hi everyone! नमस्ते! Thank you Callie for breaking the ice, haha. My name is Matthew, I’ve grown up in Newton, MA but my family is from all around the world – my dad is from Sydney, his dad is from Mantua (Italy), and my mom’s family is from Germany/Austria. I’m 18 (I’ll turn 19 the second or third week we’re in India) and am starting at Middlebury College in February of 2018.

In high school, I devoted most of my time to theatre but I also love to read, binge watch things on Netflix, and spend time with my friends. My taste in music is kind of all over the place, but most recently I’ve been listening to a lot of french rap/dance music. My favorite book is The Great Gatsby and my favorite TV shows are Parcs and Rec, Friends, and The Americans. I also love art – especially French Impressionism – and am very interested in International Politics.

I love learning new languages and studying different cultures. I speak French (and love Francophone culture and history), have been studying Chinese with a tutor, and trying to teach myself a little Hindi (with some success – my friend from Hyderabad City says). Im also super pumped for 3 months without my phone and the ability to disconnect and focus on the moment I am living. I could not be more excited to meet everyone and to go on this amazing adventure with you all. 3 more weeks!