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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Namaste from Nepal

Dear friends
Namaste (meaning; the God in me bows down to the God in you)

Let me introduce myself with excitement as I await for an epic journey that we’ll be taking together. I am Rishi Bhandari, a human being born and raised in this land called Nepal. I was born in the western mountains of Nepal, moved to the southern plains and raised in the central mountains.

My first big impression of this place as a country came when in kindergarten (we used to love acronyms then) we were asked the full form of NEPAL. We were all looking at each other confused and the teacher said, “Never Ending Peace And Love.”  Since then, to find the place of validity of this acronym has been my endeavor and frankly, Nepal has not disappointed.

My journey as educator started quite early in my life as some of my students recall me writing on the board standing on a chair because I could barely reach the bottom half of the board. Over the course of time, I have always been fascinated to see how this Earth itself is the most incredible teacher and I am constantly learning to see inspiration in all life.

I grew up in a sustainable community (Ashram) in the southern hills of Kathmandu. At the community I lived with more than 100 people sharing the same food, sharing work, tending plants and cows together, learning from each other, singing together and meditating together. My journey with Dragons started at the community where I first met a semester group. The entire group impacted me in a special way. As I had a chance to spend some time with few other groups of Dragons and the more I got to know, the more I felt that it resonated with this unique vision of travel and education. Knowing dragons for some time and leading my fourth Dragons course as an instructor I look back at all the memories with a soothing sense of gratefulness and wonder.

Leading courses brings me incredible hope and I wake up every morning hoping to hear wonderful stories from folks I travel with. As I write this introductory Yak, I cannot help but feel honored to be working with people seeking inspiration and people giving inspiration. I feel so much joy to be with human beings who have passion to explore, human beings with thirst to find answers, human beings with guts to ask questions and human beings with hearts to care for the earth and its limitless beings.

Looking forward to learning from you all and reading your yak introductions.

Keep smiling