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Hello all,

Thank you for your introductions, Claire, Amrit and Mark. And thank you Claire for the itinerary! I’m looking forward to this journey so much, and to meeting and learning with everyone.

My friend Darrel told me she was thinking about this trip last spring.  I was beginning to think about planning a retreat for the week after dropping our youngest off for his freshman year of college.  We laughed over coffee about the improbable possibility of going to Nepal together- and then the idea settled in and began to take root.  Obstacles dropped away and here we are on the eve of a flight to KTM.  I feel awed, excited and grateful for the extraordinary gift of this opportunity.

My husband James and I live in Maryland in a very newly “empty” nest.  Our daughter is a senior at Elon and our son just started at the Colorado School of Mines.  I’m keenly  feeling the end of one era of parenting even while opening up to what’s next with curiosity and hope. This trip is an important beginning to this next part of my life.

I spend much of my time running a small organization called Peace of Mind.  We develop, teach, write, edit and publish elementary school curricula that integrate mindfulness, kindness and conflict resolution.  I love all aspects of this work as it ties together many parts of my non linear working life.  I am also a Reiki practitioner, and interested in learning more about the Nepali approach to healing for body, mind and spirit, along with everything else.

We have had the good fortune to travel as a couple and then as a family, often visiting my husband’s family in the U.K., and exploring farther afield.  We also lived in Malaysia for three years when our kids were young teens.  The biggest thing I miss about living in Malaysia is the constant challenge to my beliefs, expectations and values, and the precious moments of feeling my understanding increase and my world view shift.  I wonder how this will happen in our time together?

Darrel and I are on the same flight tomorrow and will be arriving in KTM on Sunday evening.  anyone else arriving early?

It’s an interesting experience not to know where we are meeting on the 22! This trip is a leap of faith and practice in letting go in many ways.  Here we go!