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Photo by Celia Mitchell (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Entry), Indonesia Semester.

Train of Thoughts

C.O.P.E. Hospital, Rehabilitation Center and Museum, Vientiane, Laos

I find simplicity profound. Effective. Necessary. Asian cultures adore the concept of simplicity. It is second nature to them. American culture is way too complex. Too stressful. There is no need. It is not necessary or effective. In fact it is putting our country down the drain and always has been. More mental disorders and illnesses have appeared in the past decade there have in the last hundred or so years of human history. Why do we persistently run around. why can’t we slow down and take a step back for once? We are so divided in so many ways that it has come to a point where we cannot unite as one. We are divided by race, wealth, and cliques. Why can’t we all join as one and put our differences behind us? Our country was created for that purpose yet it has not been fulfilled. We as the American people have yet to fulfill what our founding fathers started. This country of Laos P.D.R. and its people understand these destroy the human well-being. There is so much we can learn from these people.
I believe in beauty. And the creation of beauty. It is not something that is given to you. It is something that is earned. Hard work is the process towards beauty. Satisfaction and awe are the result. Patience, hard work, and dedication. A movie I saw helped open my eyes to true beauty. It inspired me. A goal was created and it was beautiful. It didn’t simply appear out of thin air, it came from inspiration, satisfaction and awe. I was awe-inspired. I want to create this beauty, humans love beauty. I want to create beauty to others and have them enjoy and appreciate what it really means to live. Now I want to become a director, a filmmaker, a visionary. I want to show and express to the world how I feel and see and perceive. I want to create beauty out of my own suffering. It gives me a drive because I understand the power of beauty is great. I felt it and experienced it, and I want to make something great. Magnificent.
I felt compassion. Sadness. Grateful to still be alive. I felt pity for those afflicted. A mixture of fear and pity that most call catharsis. This situation seems out of my control. What can I do? I wish to know. Spreading awareness seems suitable because I never knew this was occurring or ever happening until just recently this past year. Justin is right in believing that blame and hate should not be thrust at the USA, but we should be critical of their decisions. That was the past and now we must look towards the future.
I cannot imagine the effect these bombs could have on individuals and their families. I can understand for them. It seems impossible, something so unknown to me and my life. How am I supposed to feel? How would I feel if I lost a limb? How would my family deal with the medical care? How could they adjust to my sudden disability? How could I for that matter? These questions run through my mind and yet I feel grateful. I feel grateful to have my hands, arms, feet, legs and so on. In fact, I feel grateful to have my life. Grateful to be alive and privileged to have the life I live. To have a family that loves me deeply. To have such friends that are so rare to find that care about me. To have the wealth I have, and be privileged to have it. To live where I live, in a neighborhood as safe as mine. To be able to share my love with my mom, dad, brothers, sisters, and my friends. And my dogs lucy and sallee of course. After being in such dark places and feeling those dark places I realize how worthwhile and beautiful life truly is even though it does not always feel that way. Once you get past and through the suffering, happiness floods the system, mind, and soul.