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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.

You’ll get to know me later…

Hi! My name is Jack Hirsch and I am from San Diego, California. I am eighteen years old, and in those eighteen years have managed never to travel internationally (excluding trips to Mexico, and a short layover in Costa Rica) after I was old enough to differentiate a “b” from a “d.” I have lived in San Diego all of my life, and I have gone to one private high school from kindergarten to senior year in high school. Admittedly, this does have its benefits. There are around twenty-five people I consider my friends that I have known for fourteen years of my life at minimum, some more. Also, there is a close knit social structure. Needless to say, I am used to a confined social environment. I have, up until now, chosen a select group of friends every once and awhile, and then stuck with them as my best friends that I can truly trust and confide in. Thus far, I am making myself sound naive, but I do not consider myself to be utterly naive. Despite not traveling far from home, when I look closely at my own home, I witness the same phenomena witnessed all around the world. Human nature is universal in my experience. I am most excited to try and learn bits and pieces of four different languages and attempt to create relationships with the local community in these next few months. I am most nervous about the lifestyle change that will come with traveling lightly in a different country than the US. Other than that, I love to cook. My hobbies are skiing, mountain biking, surfing, singing, wakeboarding, working out, dancing, and sculpture. Lastly, I am an introvert. However, I am open; I will share things about myself once I have learned to trust the person asking. Can’t wait to meet everyone.


Bonus fun fact: My celebrity doppelganger is James Franco