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Photo by Celia Mitchell (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Entry), Indonesia Semester.

A Day in Pakem, Indonesia

A Day in Pakem, Indonesia

4:30 AM- wake up to the Muslim call to prayer

5 AM-attempt to fall back asleep with some roosters crowing in the background

6:30 AM- wake up, use the squatty potty, and shower

7 AM- journal

7:30 AM- Enjoy a great breakfast cooked by the ibus in the church compound, usually consisting of fruit, eggs, rice and Tempe

8:20 AM- Do the group’s breakfast dishes with Hector

8:30 AM- Daily check ins with the group where we talk about our happiness, high and low points of the previous day,
and our health

9 AM- Dragons session about health and safety, identity, group dynamics, or cultural dos and don’ts. Have some snack somewhere in there

10 AM- Basaha Indonesian language class with our teachers Besti and Galuh

12 PM- Delicious (Enak) lunch (makan siang)

1 PM- alone time. This is a great time for a nap or to get some reading in

2 PM- More snack. Then go to local obstacle course and do group bonding activities like helping one member walk on a ladder by pulling ropes or trusting members to guide you as you walk through a river blindfolded. Climb up a small waterfall on a ladder of tires

5 PM- shower again using the mandi (bucket of water in bathrooms)

6 PM- Makan malam. Dinner time!!! Eat some great chicken sate or fried rice

7 PM- Gather together to make a group adat, a set of guidelines for the group to live by to help create the best environment possible for all of us

8 PM- With the adat finished, drink some tea and talk to your new friends about their lives, what is important to them, and how they are experiencing Indonesia

9 PM- talk to roommates as you fall asleep in bunk beds