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Adeline’s yak 9/17

At home the ground is mostly a place only our feet touch. We walk and run and explore by foot, we stand and we wait. We lift our food high off the ground using a table that we sit at on chairs that sometimes make our feet dangle. We sleep in beds with frames that elevate our bodies.

The air in Delhi is not the air in Ladakh. Delhi air is dense and it often feels like there is not enouph to go around. Breathing in Ladakh is sweet and satisfying. The air is cold. The kind of cold that hurts your lungs to run. That makes sitting inside in the warmth with the group drinking hot milk tea a very filling experience.

Here we sit on cushions in a circle-like shape sharing meals and conversation with our bodies on the floor. We sleep in beds that are low enouph to roll off of without getting to hurt, but we are surrounded by tall things. Roads that lead to tall places and mountains we look at and maybe think about climbing. The stairs are a little uneven and force me to think about where my body is going every time I move up a level. When I get up for seconds for tea at dinner I remember I am standing to do this, and everyone around me is sitting down.

These are not loud differences– from home to here, but they are different enouph to quietly remind me where I am and what my body is doing.