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Believe it or not writing yaks makes me more nervous than any other thing on this trip but Ill do my best.

These past few days have been incredible. Arriving to the airport and meeting everyone, getting to the overwhelming city of Delhi, meeting our kind instructors, traveling to Leh and breathing clean and fresh air in the middle of the mountains. Everything that we have done has been special in its own way just as everyone in the group adds their own spice to create a very warm and nice environment. To all parents reading this, you all have amazing sons and daughters.

I have loved the slow pace of staying in Ladakh, drinking tea every morning, taking walks, and being connected to nature in a way that makes me feel tiny, but at the same time very important for being part of something so beautiful.

I cant believe its only been five days, and I cant believe I still have three months of exploring and discovering new things.

Love to everyone home

P.S. the food has been amazing