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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons

First Impressions

So we came to Nepal to get out of our comfort zones, and today we really did. Up until today we’ve been having an amazing time, but within the comfort of the Bhaktapur Guest house. Past days have been spent bonding with the group, learning the do’s and don’t’s of Nepali culture and trying to get a hang of the language.

Rested from meditative yoga, we eased into the day with lunch in central Bhaktapur before breaking into groups for a scavenger hunt, including provisioning for Saturday’s bus ride. Intricate carvings shaped by artists’ calloused hands, weathered by centuries of rain, adorned the Hindu shrines as our muddy heels carried us among the sacred stones of Durbar Square. Smiling kids showed us the city they knew. Each encounter brought light to a new aspect of Nepali life. Snakes sculpted from granite and forged in the fires of yesteryear filled the water tanks of Kathmandu Valley with the sacred water of the gods.

Never before had the pulse of a city captivated our hearts, bodies, and minds so entirely. A short walk to the market proved fruitful and fun. Kind eyes of stray dogs peered from their respective doorways as we passed by. Every narrow alley we traversed, and each local we encountered left us eager for the adventures to come.

See ya next time, maaph garnus!