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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons

Getting Excited!!

Namaste, bidyarthiharu!

Hello, students!

We are here in Kathmandu, and so excited to be finalizing the details of our upcoming adventures with you! In just four short days we’ll meet you on the ground at Tribhuvan International Airport to begin this epic journey through the culture, mountains, cities and communities of Nepal. It’s likely you will arrive tired, maybe hungry, and excited! Two of us (Aditya, Charis, Tsheten and Ben) will welcome you at the airport and bring you to the Bhaktapur Guest House, where we’ll orient ourselves to our AMAZING group (that’s you all!), Bhaktapur, Nepali language and culture, and what it means to travel with Dragons.

Thank you SO much to those of you who have posted your introductory Yaks–it’s so nice to hear your voices and selves coming through those words. Please let us or the Boulder office know if you have any last minute questions, any concerns, or needs–feel free to post about them to the Yak board as well so that everyone can benefit from the responses. And check out the short “Pre-Course Assignment” Yak we posted if you haven’t had a chance!

With deep bows,

Charis, Tsheten, Ben, Aditya

P.S. Can you tell how psyched we are for this trip in our group photos? In one, we’re at the well spout of a traditional water system in Bhaktapur, surrounded by nagas (snakes), who protect the water. In the other, we’ve got cups of chiyaa, Nepali milk tea, in our hands, a delicious daily ritual you’ll come to know SO well over our three months together! Yum, and yay, and WHEEE!