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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons


Hello everyone, my name is Teo and I am really looking forward to meeting you guys!  I am half Belgian half Swedish but I have lived all my life in Belgium.  I graduated from high school in July and spent most of my summer in Sweden visiting family and washing dishes in a restaurant to start saving up for this trip.  I have two older sisters and a pet dog that I will miss a lot.  I love the outdoors, skiing, fishing, sailing, I have played a lot of field hockey.  I am still not sure what or where I want to study next year.  It will probably be history, geography, or international relations. That is why I really liked this program, it aligns perfectly with my interests. But what really attracted me to this course was the rough travel and hiking part which I hope will bring me out of my comfort zone. I am actually really looking forward to learning some Nepalese as well.

See you all soon.
Teo DS

PS: I’m the guy on the left