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Crossing the river before summiting 17,500 Pico Austria. Photo by Ella Williams (2016 Fall Semester Photo Contest, 2nd Place), South America Semester.


A post from Franca written before the trek:
After having grown together for one week, having learned about each others pet peeves, worked out in how far we work best together as a group and defined our ambitions and hopes for the program we finally get the chance to start for our first five day trek tomorrow morning.
From my point of view we already feel very close as a group as well as with our instructors by breaking the ice with our daily check-ins and energizers. I for myself must say that everyday you seem to be getting to know a little bit more of the huge puzzle we call life from each and everyone of the participants,who I can already call friends now. Those pieces are put together by our life stories which we’ve worked on yesterday, with which we try to get a deeper understanding of ourselves and the people around us.
Excited, curious and maybe a little bit scared of the physical and mental boundaries we might face on our way, we planned our adventure today by buying our meals as well as washing them. What a day!
In a few hours we will be feeling beneath us the hard cover of our sleeping pad and will be hoping that we will finally have figured out how many layers are perfect to wear to not get excessively cold or hot during the Bolivian nights.
Cross your fingers and press your thumbs for us ( as we say in Germany 😉 ) that the Andean sun will join us on our trek but will have grace with our skin ( especially for us blonde ones).
See you soon and bis bald,
wir vermissen euch sehr!