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Hello! My name is Cecilia and I live in Ithaca, NY. After my gap year, I’ll attend Cambridge University to study Classics.

I have loved reading all of your introductions so far because it seems like I share many interests with you. Callie, I also hate my phone. In fact, much to the frustration of my friends, I renounced it a year ago. Matthew, I am also interested in languages. I speak Spanish and German, and have been taking Latin classes since the 4th grade. Daniela, maybe I can practice my Spanish with you occasionally? Adeline, I actually used to live in Berlin and it is one of my most favorite places in the world. Rachel, I make art as well. I especially love pottery. Sophie, like you I am a musician. I have studied the cello for 11 years. Hopefully we’ll have lots to talk about.

Small, everyday things can make me come alive. Untangling a particularly knotty Latin sentence. Drinking a cold glass of water after a sweaty run. Waking up from a deep sleep completely refreshed. Most of all, the sense of belonging when I am with my friends and family.

I look forward to meeting everyone in person in a week and a half!