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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

Hello from Boudha!

Wassup internet, you’re receiving this message from Marshall, Max, Will and Brita :). After a week of getting acquainted in the “Love Compound” (orientation week), we have finally been unleashed onto the streets of Nepal! We kicked off our roaming in the shadow of the coolest Stupa, in possibly, the whole wide world. Our stupa-endous instructors gave us a scavenger hunt to help us explore Boudha, but in an act of extreme cultural integration, we decided to go for a rooftop pizza instead. After ordering a za or two, and a couple of cold drinks (cold drinks are not exactly a common thing in Nepal), we moseyed our way down to street level for some haggling and finagling with the local merchants. Our man Will bargained a seller down from 600 rupees to 400 rupee$. Our main man Marshall managed to buy himself a very cozy sweater for a small sum of 1000 rupees! Consumerism aside, the four of us had a Boudha-ful time at a very spiritually significant locale. We are all happy, healthy, and a little more enlightened after seeing what we’ve seen in this breathtaking country.