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Hey guys

Hey I’m also a Rachel but I don’t mind going by Rach or other nicknames to avoid confusion with the other Rachel. I’m from Boston and I’m going to Middlebury as a February start this year. I spent my junior fall of high school at a program called the High Mountain Institute in Colorado where I did a bunch of back packing and really found what makes me happiest which is being part of a community that loves each other unconditionally. That experience is what pushed me to take a gap semester and I’m so excited to spend the next three months with all of you.

I’m really interested in the natural world and plan on studying environmental science in college. I went on an expedition to the Canadian Arctic last summer and was fascinated with how rural communities have to adapt to climate change and I hope to continue investigating that in the Himalayas. I love card games and pretty much anything that can be made into a competition. In the last year I’ve gotten really into running and was wondering if that was something that I could do while in Varanasi? I am also a skier and general lover of mountains so I can’t wait to be in the Himalayas!

I’m so excited for our Indian adventure and I can’t wait to explore another part of the world with all of you!