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Hidden Treasures

The dragons fourth and fifth days were filled with creativity and awe. We began our fourth day with some rejuvenating yoga. The weather was prefect for our first small hike of the program. We walked for a little under two hours to the house and workshop of world renowned poet and sculptor Don Alberto. He told us the inspiring story of his career; at age thirty nine he had a dream that he was a sculptor who carved figures in stone. He then moved to the mountains near Estelí city and has been there ever since. He never learned to read or write but over six thousand people from all over the world have come to see his art.
Some of the artwork we saw was different animals, depictions of the Nicaraguan revolution and contra revolution, and religious symbols. He then recited to us the Nicaraguan national anthem as well as a few poems. The experience was very inspiring and it’s safe to say we all walked away a little more in awe of human potential than when we walked in.
Afterwards we had lunch and then discussed Dragons red rules. We spent the rest the rest of the day together playing cards.
Wednesday morning we revisited Carmelo’s workshop and all sculpted our own creations under Carmelo’s guiding eye. We spent the rest of the day preparing for our first trek to Mira Flor which will last until Sunday.