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Homestay Gifts

The homestay will be a big portion of our course this Himalaya to the Ganges River Program and it would be really appreciated if you could all bring small gifts for your both homestay families firsts is going to be in LADAKH and second is going to be in VARANASI. We do not encourage you to spend lots of money on your gift, and in fact, it will make your homestay families uncomfortable because in India people don’t do that much except on big holidays. Here is some ideas of gifts that we recommend to the students for their rural homestay families (they are good gifts for the urban families too). we hope they will be helpful for you.

Calendars with scenes from your home country
Hats or T-shirts from your hometown or American
Picture books of American/Italian scenes
Framed photos of you and your family (no photos of people in swimsuits or drinking alcohol, please)
Anything to do with the NBA or Football or RED (or Soccer as you may say in America)
CDs of Western music (burned CDs OK)
Unique local products from your hometown
Anything personal that will remind them of you!
Of course you can also buy things in India to give to your home-stay families, but you want to bring something from home too. The only request we have is please don’t bring anything too big or heavy things from there.

If you are not sure whether your gifts are appropriate, please feel free to contact us or ask the questions when we call you or you can email us.

If there is anything you’d like to share with us, please post them on yak bord



Thank you