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Students in a long tail boat in Indonesia. Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Indonesia Semester.

Housekeeping Questions

I just have a few questions about some of the specifics of the trip:

  1.  Do we have to do anything to activate/obtain the SOS insurance?
  2.   I know you indicate that you are experienced in dealing with emergencies and disasters, but what specifically happens in the event of an emergency?
  3.   Could you please provide some more specifics regarding home stay gifts, i.e. what and how many for each home stay?  If we bring a t-shirt, for example, do we just bring one for the house?
  4. Will they be keeping their passports on them at all times on trip?
  5. Should they bring a Cipro or other antibiotic prescription with them, if possible.
  6. If she brings her own mini medical kit, what are do you recommend be in it?
  7. What size should the waterproof bag be that they bring?

Thank you for your help!

We are so excited for our daughter and rest of the group.  What an exciting and life changing adventure they have ahead of them. We wish you safe, healthy and happy travels!  Please keep us posted on your amazing experience.