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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons


Hello everyone! I’m Eva (pronounced like in WALL-E) and I’m from right outside NYC. I graduated from high school this past June, and since then I’ve visited my brother in Alaska and spent time at a glass arts school near Seattle. I will also be attending Middlebury College in February. I love reading, writing, music, dance… I’m fascinated by anthropology, psychology and cultural and religious studies. I’ve always loved traveling and spent my junior year of high school living with a host family in Italy. I’m incredibly excited to take what I learned from that experience and use it to help me have an even more enriching experience in a completely different culture. In addition to the trip’s emphasis on culture and religion, the physical and emotional challenge of adapting to such different surroundings also deeply intrigues me. I’m so looking forward to undertaking this fantastic journey with you all.

See you soon!