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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.


Hey everyone! My name is Reilly Strong, I’m from Charlottesville, VA  and I went to UNC Asheville for my freshman year of college last year( EnviroSci major i think) hoping for an adventure and then decided I should’ve taken a gap year so here I am! I found this company ironically by living vicariously through this random girls instagram wishing desperately to being out in the world, truly living as she seemed to be (can’t wait to be disconnected from all of that).  I have always wanted to be fluent in Spanish, I’ve been taking the language basically my entire schooling life and still can barely speak it so I’m really excited for that as well. My favorite things to do are mountain biking, yoga, writing, playing guitar and being outside. I’ve been on many short camping and biking trips they were the most beautiful experiences of my life so I can’t even comprehend how amazing this trip will be.  I’m so excited to trek through the mountains and the jungle and meet all of you so soon!!