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Hey all!

My name is Rose and I live in San Francisco, CA, but I’ve spent the last 4 years of my life at Thacher, a boarding school near Los Angeles.

I love everything to do with the outdoors, listening to music, reading, cooking, and spending time with my family (that’s my mom and grandma in the photo with me). At school my favorite classes were Computer Science and Robotics. Outside of class I spent most of my time rock climbing and western horseback-riding. Over the summer I’ve spent most of my time travelling and working at a restaurant/café. My trip with you all is the first part of my gap year before I attend Tufts University (with Joel, I now know!) next fall.

I can’t wait to begin our journey together and to meet you all! I’m most excited about our several treks, trying all the local food, improving my Spanish skills, and maybe even learning a bit of some of the native languages, too!

What I thought was most interesting about the Kixajo’ video was simply the language it was rapped/spoken in. While in some words it sounded vaguely like Spanish, much of it was drastically different from any other language I’ve ever heard. Like others said, I also liked how positive and inclusive it was, and watching it made me feel even more excited to visit Guatemala and the people who live there.

See you soon! 🙂