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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.


Hi everyone,

My name is Anne and I can’t wait to travel with all of you!  I’m from the Hague, in the Netherlands, and I’ve lived here my whole life. After my high school graduation last May I travelled through Eastern Europe with my friends,  worked as a waitress in a beach club and worked in a lunchroom. I decided to take a gap year because I would love to experience different cultures and learn about other ways of living. A gap year will give me a different perspective on life and help me to grow as a person. After my gap year I would love to study medicine and become a doctor, so after the dragons course I have to prepare for the selection. In school I was mostly interested in the science subjects and philosophy, and I love to sing, play the piano, go to the gym, ski in the winter and sail in the summer, and spend time with my friends and family. The only thing I’m nervous about is missing my family and friends a lot but with the active program and all the new impressions on the course I think I will be fine :).

Looking forward to seeing you next week.