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Manahona, I am Abi.

As of spring, I am fresh out of high school, and am planing on starting university after we return. I was born in Alaska, but was raised most of my life in California in the non tropical-rain forest that is the Redwood forest. My interest are a melting pot of most everything: art, creative writing, theater, chess, politics, psychology, philosophy, environmental study, biology, chemistry, history, geography, paleontology, pretty rocks, learning, and so many other cool things. Hopefully the life experience gained in Madagascar will help me understand what the best use of my time is in order to determine what direction I take in college is the right one for me.

Throughout the school year I was in an amazing peer education theater troupe called Spare Change. Technically as volunteer employees of Planned Parenthood, we had the opportunity to preform at 10 schools in my small county. I personally got to co-teach 2 classes, and loved being able to help my community and deter ignorance in public schools. Working as a team was so amazing, as was being able to teach and learn freely. I have never been on a roller-coaster or even left the states, but what I have done in my life feels worth missing out on what the average family may do. I loved my yearly hiking/ camping trips, swimming in the rivers, and learning what plants are edible or other uses for the generous environment. This trip is unlike anything I have ever been through, but it almost seems the natural next step in my journey. Words can not even comprehend how exited I am to meet all of you, and start our adventure together.