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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

Introduction and “Why We Travel” Response

Hey guys! I’m Emma and I’m from Lexington, MA. I just graduated high school and next year I’ll be attending McGill University in Montreal. In high school I played field hockey and lacrosse but I also really enjoy languages, biking, and exploring the outdoors. I chose to take a gap year to take advantage of this unique time in my life to travel and explore the world. I found Where There Be Dragons through two friends from my hometown who went on the Nepal trip. I wanted to go somewhere far away, and Nepal’s culture and landscape intrigue me. I am very excited to learn about Buddhism, trek through the Himalayas, and of course meet all of you guys!

“Few of us ever forget the connection between ‘travel’ and ‘travail,’ and I know that I travel in large part in search of hardship — both my own, which I want to feel, and others’, which I need to see” -Pico Iyer

Although this gap year is a break from school, in no way is it a vacation from challenges. While my friends in college may be struggling with homework assignments and essays, I’ll be facing both physical and mental challenges of my own in a foreign country which will become my classroom. Through this trip I will tackle my own hardships, whether it be trekking in high altitudes or just adjusting to not having a shower. As I grow and overcome my own challenges, I hope to gain compassion and understanding from observing the cultural features and hardships of others.