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Introduction Grace

Hi everyone!

My name is Grace Anderson. I am also from Boulder, Colorado and I live here with my parents, twin sister, dog (Snoodle), and cat (Quaffle). You can see Snoodle and my sister on the left in the photo of us on Mt. Missouri. I just graduated from high school. I am currently 17, however I will turn 18 in our first week in Madagascar. I am sure it’s going to to be the best birthday ever!

Next year I have plans to attend the University of Puget Sound in Washington state. I am undecided in my major, but I enjoyed math, science, history, economics, and Spanish in high school. I have never been involved in competitive sports, however I love horseback riding, biking everywhere, running, and rollerblading.

I am super excited about going on this trip and meeting all of you!