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Introduction Temi

Hi all!!

My name is Temi and I am from Norwalk, a small beachside city in Connecticut. I graduated from high school this past spring and will be attending Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia next fall. This summer I worked as a camp counselor at an overnight camp that I used to attend as a camper. The staff is 50% international so I have made friends from all over the world and am planning to travel around in Europe during this winter and spring. I worked mainly with overseeing 14 year old girls and taught classes ranging from outdoor cooking to climbing to larping and although it’s an outdoorsy camp, I’ve only ever done short overnights in the woods so I’m super excited for the trekking aspect of this trip.

I’ve dabbled in most sports – although never rugby, but I am totally down to try it- and I’ve been in multiple theater shows in high school as well as heavily involved in a youth activism club. I love anything outdoors and am always excited to go on an adventure, especially spontaneous ones or concerts. This mindset is what has attracted me to this program.

I really love food and am usually willing to try almost anything. I’ve been really fortunate in the fact that I have had the opportunity to travel around a lot, mainly in Europe, but also in Central America, and have loved learning about the different cultures and trying the different foods. I have been on two medical missions to Honduras where I have been working in an orphanage and in the operating room and I have plenty of fun stories so if you’re interested, don’t be shy to ask!

I’m extremely excited for this trip and as the departure date gets closer, my excitement only grows. You all seem like really incredible people and I can’t wait to get to know you all- wishing you the best in this upcoming week!