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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

Intro/Why We Travel Response

Hi everyone! I’m Magnolia and I’m from Hollis, NH. I graduated high school this June, and I’ll be attending Middlebury College starting in February. Right now I’m planning on studying geography and math. I play soccer, and I also like to ski and play frisbee. A few of the things I’m looking forward to most during our time in Nepal are trekking, learning the language (I took Spanish in high school and I can’t wait to start another language), and figuring out and working on my ISP. Can’t wait to meet you all next week!


“Why We Travel” response:

“And that is why many of us travel not in search of answers, but of better questions.”

This quote stood out to me because it implies that the purpose of traveling is not to confirm or deny a list of preconceived notions. Instead, subjecting the mind to unfamiliar experiences brings the depth of thought to new levels. This allows for the consideration of new questions, issues, and exciting discoveries, or simply lends a previously unreachable viewpoint to a long held idea. The quote reminds me to keep an open mind while traveling, and to look forward to the shifts in my beliefs that will occur as I absorb the details of a new place.