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Of the few places we have visited thus far in Myanmar, Kalaw is my favorite. From the delicious and affordable Shan Noodles, to the cool weather and beautiful views. It is hard to beat. As a group, we learned about the unique and diverse ethnic groups of Myanmar, studied more of the Burmese language, and analyzed our personalities and character types. All of this was accomplished on the rooftop of the hotel with a panoramic view of Kalaw. In our time not spent at the hotel, we have enjoyed tasty Nepali food, walked all around the markets in search of strange new vegetables and fruits, practiced our Burmese with shop keepers and locals, and attended a Hindu dance festival. As my time here in Kalaw comes to a close, I am grateful to have experienced all that I have and I am excited for all that is yet to come on this journey. Our homes stays in Sin Leh village are up next and they will undoubtedly be amazing cultural experiences. So stay tuned for future yaks about the next adventure.