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Lexi Kanter Intro

Hey guys!

My name is Lexi Kanter and I’m from New York City. I just graduated from the Horace Mann School this past spring, and I will be attending Harvard next fall. I play piano, and I also love to ski. Some of my other hobbies are baking, reading, watching college basketball, and trying new restaurants around the city. I love dogs -I have a dog named Hunter, which is ironic because he’s super fluffy and weighs about 12 pounds, but he’s probably the one I’m going to miss most from home.  A passion of mine is political journalism and international relations. Part of the reason why I chose this particular program was the opportunity to study the political transition and also the humans rights crises in the region. I’ve been really lucky to have traveled a lot with my family and some of my favorite places include South Africa, Chile, Morocco, China, and Scandinavia. I’ve recently traveled through Southeast Asia and am excited to be going back on this program, hopefully getting to see it with a different perspective.

I actually did not originally plan on taking a gap year. However, after a tiring senior year and college process, this course should be a great opportunity for me to focus on something other than school for a while. I’m excited to learn in a more unconventional environment and take some time to figure out what I really enjoy and am interested in pursuing later on.

When I was going into 8th grade my family moved to France for the year, and I attended an international school. I wouldn’t say the experience defined me as a person, but I met really amazing people from all over the world. It opened my eyes to the values and different ways of life of so many people outside of my small bubble in New York City.

Excited to meet you all 🙂