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Natalie Intro

Hey everyone!!

I’m Natalie! I live in Newton, MA which is a suburb of Boston. I just graduated high school in the spring and and a few days ago I turned 18. It’s been really cool reading all of your intros so far because I seem to have a lot of similar interests! I played rugby for 3 years in high school but I’ve had four concussions (not all from rugby) so I’ve had to stop…but if we play I got inside center covered:) I’m also into acting and have been in my school’s improv and sketch comedy troupes. Next fall I’ll be starting at Loyola Marymount University in LA where I will ?probably? try to pursue acting.

Last summer I went on a trip with Dragons to Indonesia and it was amazing! Traveling with Dragons was unlike anything I’d ever done before and I knew I wanted to take another trip with them during my gap year. This summer I went on a road trip across the country visiting national parks with some friends. Because of an unforeseen circumstance one of my friends left with the car a week in, so the rest of us had to hitchhike nearly 1,000 miles. My mom freaked when she found out but my friends and I had a great time!!

Anyways, I’m super excited to me everyone and can’t wait to go on this adventure with you guys! See you all soon:)