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Photo by Celia Mitchell (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Entry), Indonesia Semester.

New habits and some more additional extra rice

To be honest, these first 2 weeks have been pretty overwhelming. Every day is filled with mini challenges and mini accomplishments, moments of fun and laughter, and moments of fear and homesickness whenever it suddenly dawns on me that what I am experiencing is not a lifestyle I am adopting temporarily, but my new reality.

And what makes up this new reality? New habits; different ways of doing what I would (or would not) otherwise be doing at home. Here are a few indicators of what this “new” life looks like…

  1. Average daily consumption of nasi putih/goreng (white/fried rice): 3 servings
  2. Average daily consumption of air putih (water): 3.5 liters
  3. Average daily visits to kamar kecil (squatty potty) because of that: 4.5
  4. Average daily mandi(s) (showers, with cold water): 1.5
  5. Average daily consumption of salak (“snake fruit”): 4 I think I might need an extra suitcase on my way back…
  6. Times I have recharged my phone since Sept. 1st: 2
  7. Hours spent on social media + communicating with home since Sept. 1st: <4
  8. Times I have heard someone call out “buleh” (foreigner) while on the street: 4
  9. Different rooms I have slept in Sept. 1st – 13th: 7
  10. Well, there can’t always be a number 10!

Jokes aside, I am having an amazing time and I feel extremely lucky to be surrounded by a group of incredibly understanding, supportive, and daring individuals.

Sneak peek/funny moment: Yesterday. On the train. Announcement: “To the passenger who getting smoke on the train, we will getting off you on the next station. Thank you.”