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On the way to Leh

Namastey families and friends,

We write from the Delhi airport, where students are all checked-in and waiting to board out flight to Leh, Ladakh. We couldn’t be more thrilled to transition from the verdant foothills to the high Himalayas of the Tibetan plateau. Despite the early hour, the excitement in the air is palpable!

As Ladakh is incredibly remote, our connectivity over the next few weeks will be somewhat less. However, we will be posting instructor updates a couple times a week, and student updates just as often as we can. We will be in frequent contact with our Program Director and the Boulder Office by phone, even while our access to the internet is more limited.

We continue to feel so blessed to working with 10 incredible fresh talented young mind and inspiring young adults.

Cheers to adventures ahead!
The I- Team