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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.

Orientation in NW Kunming

Hi all,

We just wanted to share some fun pics from the field. We are currently just outside of Kunming in rural China completing our in-country orientation programming. We are surrounded by fields and the local community are busy harvesting their crops before winter. The days are warm and the nights are cool. Students have been doing yoga and going for runs, as well as journaling and taking photos of the stunning scenery. It’s the perfect place to begin our journey.

Everyone is adjusting to the time difference and food well. We have been spending time thinking deeply about why we are here, what we hope to get out of this experience and how we can help each other. The students have also been learning how to behave in a culturally appropriate and safe manner so that they can start to navigate this wild land with confidence. We are happy with their progress and curiosity.

The students will be able to submit their own Yaks from today onwards, so please stay tuned to this board.

Wirh gratitude.

Team Mekong.