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Orientation Time!

Hola Familias y Amigos !

After we reunited at the Managua Airport with the students the evening of September 15th we went to spend our first night at the Lost Inn Managua Hostel, a hostel focused on promoting Nicaraguan theater, music and arts. They welcomed us with a delicious Nicaraguan dinner (gallo pinto, cheese, scrambled eggs and orange juice).

That first night we had a medical check in with the students to make sure that as instructors we are aware of what the student’s health needs are and what medications they are bringing with them.

After our first night in warm Managua we took private transportation to the Department of Esteli, located in the eastern/central part of the country. After some Nicaraguan traditional snacks (Güirilas) along the way we got to Esteli town to have lunch at La Casita. Then 45 minutes later we finally got to the community of La Garnacha.

La Garnacha is a self-sustainable community formed by more than 50 campesinas y campesinos in the 1980’s but some years later was dissolved for political issues in the country.  At the beginning of the 2,000’s the campesinas y campesinos started to re build the community again. Since that time La Garnacha has been founded on 3 fundamental pillars: Conservation, Honesty and Community. La Garnacha is a well know community around Nicaragua because of the strong sense of unity and their great way of organization with the families that live here. They are running an agro-tourism project, cheese and milk production, organic farming and natural medicine.

Here we are for our Orientation phase, 5 days and 5 nights, staying at the beautiful cabins surrounded by incredible nature, enjoying the afternoon rains and building our Dragons community that is going to travel together for the next 3 months in Nicaragua and Guatemala. Through games, talks, walks and theater skits we are forming our community, understanding what Dragons courses are about, sharing ideas and creating leadership roles for everyone within our community, using La Garnacha’s organization model as example and inspiration to reach our goal of creating a strong, harmonious and self-sustainable community while we travel!

Today we are going to do our first walk into the forest during the morning, to visit an old man who has been making art out of stones in his house for the last 40 years or so, a type of hermit. It is a beautiful, easy and enjoyable walk of 2 hours. We have 2 more days in La Garnacha before heading to Reserva Natural Miraflor for our first trek (2 nights and 3 days), were we are also going to learn about Nicaraguan Cooperative movements.

Students Yaks Coming soon!!!

The Instructor Team