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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (and Boats!)

After a 32 hour journey over to the far east we arrived in Bangkok as a cohesive unit ready to meet our i-team and begin to explore the city. Parker warned us against jet leg “death naps” (figuratively speaking), so we spent the day exploring the markets, getting our first taste of thai street food, coming to understand the ethos of a dragons trip, and bonding with the group. After a long day we were eager to go to sleep in our cozy guest house.

With jet lag still looming we were able to wake up early the next morning with no alarms. First we had to head to the Myanmar embassy to handle our visas. Once that was squared away we headed out and explore Bangkok. First, we had to get food. It’s not hard to find good food here, so we walked down a few blocks and got our fix of rice and noodles. We then headed to a park and saw a monitor lizard feast on fish, and proceeded to watch two more lizards duke it out! After watching the duel we went to Jim Thompson’s house, explored Wat Pho–home of the largest reclining Buddha in the world, took a tuk tuk, and then rode a river boat home. We like to cover all bases of transportation 🙂

We’re all really happy to have had our time in Bangkok, but are super excited to land in Myanmar and begin our journey there tomorrow!