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Response to Heidi’s Packing List Questions

Hi Heidi,

Thank you for writing to us to clarify about the packing list.

What are the participants going to sleep in?
Assuming you are asking about trekking. The students will be sleeping in their sleeping bag, inside a tent.

What is the duct tape for (ours is very wide and wondering if we should cut it)?
The duct tape can come in handy in a variety of situations (i.e. fixing gears, emergency first aide and care) No need for a whole roll. Just wrap some around a Nalgene (water bottle) will do the trick.

Please refresh my memory on whether a steripen or lifestraw would be useful; if so, which one would be more useful?
This would be optional on your part. We will have a several methodologies to ensure the quality of the drinking water.

Can Epi-Pens be carried on airplanes?
Yes, according to the TSA website.

How thick of fleece do you suggest (how cold could it get)?
The temperature could get as cold as 3 degree Celsius (37.4 degree Fahrenheit) at the highest point on our trek. More than the fleece, we would recommend having a puffy jacket. It would be handy to have a fleece or two to layer on for additional warmth.

Hope these answer your questions. Please let us know if anything is unclear.


India Team